Nutrition for Malnourished Children


For millions of orphans and other children around the world, essential nutrition is simply not an available option. Malnutrition is considered to be the most serious challenge encountered and according to UNICEF, every year five million children die from it.

In a recent article in The Lancet it showed that almost half of global child deaths are attributable to poor nutrition. While this is recognised by the international community it seems that lives continue to be lost in their thousands daily.

Food is not enough

Current world food programmes do much to provide bulk – but many cereal based meals do not have sufficient nutrients necessary for healthy, dynamic growth. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to all sorts of problems both in the short and longer terms.

Children suffering from malnutrition need more natural, nutrient dense foods to best support their nutritional needs. Following much research we have sourced a product made in the US which can help provide children with their daily nutritional needs and fight malnutrition.